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The Admin Activity page is intended to find out various activities of the Admin carried out in the admin area. This page has a track of the various Admin activities in the script. The Logs / Admin Activity shows the admin page accessed, who accessed it, date and time of access and the IP address from which it was accessed.

Viewing Admin Activity
  • On the Logs / Admin Activity page, the admin activities will be displayed under the following headings
    • M. Id - This is the member Id of the admin.
    • Date - This denotes the particular date and time of the activity that was carried out.
    • Admin Type - This is the type of administrator who carried out a particular activity.
    • Activity - This displays the details of the activity that was carried out by the admin.
    • IP Address - This displays the IP Address from which the admin logged in to carry out a particular activity.

You can sort the Admin activity records by clicking on the following headings : M. Id, Date, Admin Type, Activity and IP Address. When you click on the heading, the records will be sorted in ascending and descending order.

Searching Admin Activity
  • You will find various parameters under the Search Option that you can use to search for a specific admin activity. The parameters are as follows
    • Search By - You need to select a parameter here by which you want to search the admin activity. There are four parameters available namely, Member Id, Admin Type, Activity and IP Address.
    • Search For - Specify the criteria here, which you have selected in the "Search By" parameter.
    • From - Choose the starting date from when you want to search the admin activity.
    • To - Select the date till which you want to search the admin activity.

After selecting the above parameters, click on the search button and the admin activity records will be displayed.

You can also choose the number of results you wish to be displayed per page. Click on the drop down box next to the "Result Per Page" located at the bottom of the Logs / Member Activity page. You will see five options for results per page there: 10, 50, 100, 200, 500.

*Note : You can also download the member activity in the form of a CSV file. Click on the "Download CSV File" button on the Logs / Member Activity page.

Deleting Admin Activity

You can also delete the admin activity logs. To do this, click on the "Delete All Logs" button and all the admin activity logs will be deleted.