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When any member applies a coupon to get the Discount, Matrix and Quickener will be calculated on the Original Price while commission will be calculated on Discounted Price.

  • Click on Add New and add the following fields:
    • Status : Choose whether you want to keep the coupon Active or Inactive. Inactive coupons cannot be used by members to get discount or free cash.
    • Title :* Enter the title of the coupon here.
    • Description :* Enter the description of the coupon here like what kind of coupon it is etc.
    • Code :* Specify the code that members can use front side to benefit from this coupon.
    • Type :* Here you can select the type of coupon. Decide whether it can be used only once or multiple times or unlimited times. Two categories are there. First is discount which can be used by members when they are purchasing something from the site like positions, shares, paying membership fees, etc. And second is free cash which members can use in their profile page to increase their cash balance.
    • Amount :* You can either specify the coupon amount in Dollar ($) or Percentage (%). In the Rate field enter the coupon amount in percentage or dollar. Minimum purchase amount should be equal to or more than the amount when you select dollar here. And in case of percentage, make sure that the value is set to be less than 100.
    • Maximum Discount ($) :* This field be displayed if you have selected Percentage (%) in the Amount field. Here you can limit the discount that can be provided at a time. So, the discount that member receives will not be more than the amount you specify here. Set this to 0(zero) to disable the limit.
    • Minimum Purchase Amount ($) :* Admin can specify the minimum criteria to be eligible for coupon here. Member will get the discount only if he is going to pay minimum of X amount that you specify here. This must be equal to or more than the amount if it is in dollars and can be 0(zero) or more when amount is in percentage.
    • Validity : Specify the validity of the coupon by selecting the "from date" and "to date" to mark starting and expiry date respectively.

Click on Submit to add the coupon.

Editing Coupon
Go to the Coupons tab in the Finance / Coupons page and click on Action -> Edit Coupon to edit and existing coupon.

Inactivating Coupon
Go to the Coupons tab in the Finance / Coupons page and click on Action -> Inactive Coupon to edit and existing coupon.

Deleting Coupon
Go to the Coupons tab in the Finance / Coupons page and click on Action -> Delete Coupon to edit and existing coupon

Coupons History

You can view the history of Coupons used by the members. The records include details like Id, Date, Member, Coupon Id, Code, Discount, Purchase Price, Purchase Type and IP Address. You can delete all the history of the coupons records or delete selected records of the coupons from the Action button.

Note : Do Not Delete Coupons History For The Coupons Which Are Still Active. This History is Used to Decide Whether Member Has Purchased a Particular Coupon or Not. If You Delete Any Active Coupon History, Member Will Be Able to Use That Coupon Again Even if Only 1-Time Use is Allowed.