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From here you can send mass mails to your members. There are three steps for mass mailing :


You can fetch members as per your criteria in the search box here. Then, click on Action button and you can move all or move selected members to the email list as per your choice. You can see all the selected members in the email list (next step) and can send mails to them with different templates (step-3) created in mass email templates.


The list of members that you selected in Step-1 is shown here. If you wish, you can remove the members from this list by selecting them and clicking on Action => remove selected button or remove all button to remove all of them from the list. Go to step-3 to send mails once you are done.

  • This is the final step. You will see the following fields
    • Total Members : This will display the total number of members to whom the mass mail will be sent.
    • Select Mass Mail Template : Select the mass mail template here which you want to send to the selected members.
    • Subject : * Enter the subject of the mass mail here. This is a mandatory field.
    • Message : * Enter the message of the mass mail here. You can switch to advanced mode for formatting the message. You can also use the Mail Template Fields while composing the message. This is a mandatory field.
    • Click on Submit to send the mass mail immediately or
    • click on Cronjob button to send the mass mail when the cronjob runs.

Note : You don't need to write Thanks, Regards, etc. here. There is an option for Signature at Settings-> Main Details-> Signature for Emails