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Member's country is tracked using the IP Address at the time of registration. Select 'IP Country' below in search by option to display members accordingly. Secondly, in case you inactivate a member from below, take a note that the member Cannot Login to his account but the plan earnings, matrix, etc. Continue in his account. But, he Cannot Withdraw as he can't login.

By default the Member List page will display the Members sorted by Member ID. You can also sort by Registration Date, Username, Full Name, Email, Sponsor and Total Referrals.

Search Option
  • You can search members using various criteria :
    • Search By : There are various parameters in this option. You can choose from Member Id, Inactive Members, Active Members, Unpaid Members, Paid Members, Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Member Group, Country, IP Country, Membership, Referrer Id, IP Address, Regular Investment Plans, Dynamic Investment Plans, Matrix Cycler, Revenue Sharing or Straight Line Cycler.
    • Search For : Enter exactly what you want to search for depending on what you have selected in the Search By field.
    • From : Select the starting date from which you want to search for the members.
    • To : Select the ending date till when you want to search for the members.

Click on the search button and the member list will be displayed.

Adding New Member

Click on the Add New button and enter the following details :

  • Basic Details
    • Admin Note : Enter any notes you wish to enter for the member.
    • First Name : Enter the first name of the member.
    • Last Name : Enter the last name of the member.
    • Status : Select whether the member will be Active or Inactive.
    • Member Group : Select the member group in which you wish to add the member.
    • Username : * Enter the username of the member. This is a mandatory field.
    • Password : * Enter the password. This is a mandatory field.
    • Email : * Enter the email of the member. This is a mandatory field.

  • Other Details
    • Security Question : Enter a security question of the member account.
    • Security Answer : Enter the security answer of the security question.
    • Country : Enter the member's country.
    • Contact No : Enter the contact number of the member.
    • Address : Enter the address of the member.
    • Member Status : Select whether the member is a paid member or unpaid member.
    • Unsubscribe from Solo E-mails : Select Yes if member is to be unsubscribed from solo emails otherwise No if member is subscribed for solo emails.
    • Sponsor ID : If the member has a sponsor, then enter his/her Sponsor ID.
    • Sponsor Name : Enter the sponsor name of the member if he/she has one.

  • Other Details
    • Text Ad : Enter the number of text ad credits to be provided to the member.
    • Banner Ad : Enter the number of banner ad credits to be provided to the member.
    • Solo Ad : Enter the number of solo ad credits to be provided to the member.

  • Processor Account Details
    • Enter the processor account details of the member such as Bank Wire, Payza, SolitTrustPay, Okpay, Perfect Money, Pexpay, CoinPayments, PayPal. You can also choose the Preferred processor of the member by selecting the radio button of the corresponding payment processor.

  • Processor Balances
    • There are four types of processor balances :
    • Cash Balance ($)
    • Re-purchase Balance ($)
    • Earning Balance ($)
    • Commission Balance ($)
    • Enter the amount ($) in the various processors of the balances.

Click on Submit and the member will be added.

Editing/Viewing Member Details
  • On the Member / List page, click on the Action button corresponding to the member of whom you wish to edit the details. Then click on Edit Member. All the details of the member will be displayed in various tabs such as :
    • Details : This will display the Basic Details, Other Details, Ads Credit, Processor Account Details and Processor Balances of a member.
      • Company/Member Representative
      • Company Representative is a new feature whereby admin can add a representative of his website. Admin can keep members as country-wise representatives. For instance, let say if there is a member "ABC" and he is from Spain. Then Admin can make ABC member representative for members of Spain. The members from Spain can contact ABC for any program related assistance.

        Note: - Company/Member Representative do not get earnings.

        To make a particular member a company representative, then follow these steps:

        Go to Member Tools => Member List => Click on "Action => Edit Member" of the member who you want to make a Member Representative.

        Go to Member Representative and choose "Yes" from the drop down box.

    • Order : This will display the order details of the member. For instance, his position purchase in various modules, various advertisement purchases etc.
    • Withdrawals : This displays the withdrawals done by the member and also pending withdrawal request of a member.
      • Pending Request : All the withdrawal requests that are pending will be displayed here. To process the withdrawal requests, please follow the following path: Finance->Withdrawal Requests
    • Balance Updates : This displays the date, time, amount, payment processor, balance type of the member's balance that was updated.
    • Referrals : This displays the referrals of the member along with details like Member Id, Registration Date, Username, Full Name, Email and Total Referrals. From Referral Tracking,
    • Commissions/Bonus : This displays the Commission and Bonus received by the member along with details like date, from which member commission/bonus was received, the amount and the type of commission received.
    • Stats : This displays various statistics of the member like Active Membership(s), Referrals, Amount, Positions in Various plans, IP details, Advertisement details, Miscellaneous Bonus and Geographical details.
    • Activity Log : This displays various activities of the member, his IP address and the date and time of the activity. From the Login IP tab, the member's Login date, IP address from which he logged in and country from where he logged in is displayed. You can also block/unblock a particular IP address from where a member logged in by clicking below Action.
    • Sent Emails : This displays the list emails that were sent to the member.
    • Send Message : The send message is to send an email to the member.
    • Add Order : You can add an order on behalf of the member here. Please select a product to continue. Take a note that all the advertisement plans are given to the member for free (Banner, Text, Solo, PPC, PTC and Login Ad) whereas for others, you will get an option whether you want to charge the member's balance or not and also whether you want to provide referral commission to the sponsor of the member for this order or not.
    • Login : Click on this if you want to login directly to the member's area of the member. Note that member log will not be created when you login from here.
  • Delete Members/Member Delete Request/Displaying Deleted Members

Members can delete their account in the new version by login into the member's area and going to Account Activity => Profile => Clicking on "Delete Your Account".

    • Deleting Members from Admin Panel

      Admin can also delete a particular member from Member Tools => Member List => Click on "Action" button of the member you want to delete and click on "Delete".

    • Viewing Deleted Member Accounts

      Admin can view the deleted member accounts by login into the admin panel. Then go to Member Tools => Member List => Select "Deleted Members" in "Search By" and click on the search button. The deleted members will be displayed here.

    • Activating Deleted Members

      Admin can activate a deleted member's account from Member Tools => Member List => Click on the "Action" button of the member whose account you want to activate and click on "Activate Member"

  • Permanently Deleting Member's Account

A member can be deleted in 2 ways:

    • Member can delete his account himself from his profile: - Account Activity => Profile => "Delete Your Account"

      Note: - When a member deletes his account himself, then the data related to that member is still accessible by Admin in the Admin Panel by searching them in Member List.

      • Go to Member Tools => Member List => Select "Deleted Members" criteria in Search By and the list of deleted member accounts will be displayed.
      • These deleted members accounts can be activated from "Action => "Activate Member". Admin can permanently delete member from here by clicking on "Delete Member".

    • Admin can delete member account from admin panel:- Member Tools => Go to the member that you want to delete => Action => Delete Member
      • A warning will be displayed in which you will be asked whether you want to permanently delete the member and his or her related data like banners, text ads, solo ads, and statistics. Click on "Yes" if you want to permanently delete the members account.
      • Note: - This action is irreversible and once the members account is deleted from here, then you will not be able to recover his or her account and data.
        Important: - A member cannot be deleted if he is active in a Matrix and Straight Line Cycler Plans.