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When members tried to make payment, but the payment didn't go through for whatever reasons, then there will be an entry in this page. There could be two reasons for this: Firstly, if a member made payment and it didn't reflect in the system. Secondly, if a member tried to make a payment on the payment page, but closed the payment page before making the payment. This page displays details such as Member Id, Payment Date, Amount, Fees, Total, Processor, IP Address and Notes.

You can also use the search option to search for particular pending deposits records by selecting various parameters.

Manually Marking Pending Deposits As Paid

If admin wants to manually mark pending deposit as paid, then first select the records by clicking on the checkbox. Then click on Action button and click on Mark Selected Record(s) as Paid.

Downloading CSV File of Pending Deposits

You can download the CSV file of pending deposits by clicking on Action and then Download CSV File.

Deleting Pending Deposits

You can delete particular pending deposit records by selecting the corresponding check box and then clicking on Action and then Delete Selected Record(s).