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Solo Ads-Advertisement/Solo Ads

A Solo Ad is a type of advertisement that is usually sent out to a portion or an entire email subscriber list. It is an advertising program that is email based and agreed between two organizations or marketers to send their message to a big number of prospects.

On the Advertisement / Solo Ads page, there are two tabs to view the Solo Ads :
Credit Solo Ads and Plan Solo Ads. Choose the one that you want to view.

Solo Ads
Credit Solo Ads

Admin can approve or delete the solo ads submitted by members from here. Admin can also view the various stats of the solo ads.

  • Viewing / Searching Credit Solo Ads
  • You will find various parameters under the Search Option that you can use to search for the credit Solo Ads :
    • Search By - You can select the following parameters to search the Credit Solo Ads : Subject, Solo Ad Id, Member Id and Status.
    • Search For : Enter the search criteria depending on what you have selected in the Search By field.
    • From : You can search by specifying the date range from when you added the credit solo ad.
    • To : You can search by specifying the date range till when you added the credit solo ad.

When you search the Credit Solo Ads using the above parameters, they will be displayed under the following fields: Member Id, Date, Username, Subject, Details, Solo Ad, Status and Action.

    • Member Id : Click on M. Id and you will be able to sort the Credit Solo Ads by member id in both ascending and descending order.
    • Date : This will display the date and time when the Credit Solo Ad had been submitted by the member.
    • Username : This is the username of the member who submitted the Credit Solo Ad.
    • Subject : This is the subject of the Credit Solo Ad.
    • Details : This displays details such as when the Credit Solo Ad had been created and when it was approved.
    • Solo Ad : By clicking on the button under this field, you will be able to view the Credit Solo Ad.
    • Status : This displays whether the Credit Solo Ad has been approved by admin or is still pending for approval.
    • Action : You can deleted the Credit Solo Ad by clicking on the delete option under this button.

To approve the Credit Solo Ads, click on the checkbox of the solo ad you wish to approve and then click on Approve Selected Record(s).

Plan Solo Ads

When you search the Plan Solo Ads using various parameters, they will be displayed under the following fields :
Id, Member Id, Purchase Date, Plan, Credits, Paid Amount, Discount and Action.

    • Id : This is the Id of the Plan Solo Ads.
    • M. Id : This is the Member Id of the member who has purchased the Plan Solo Ad.
    • Purchase Date : This displays the Purchase Date and Time of the Plan Solo Ad.
    • Plan : This displays the name of the plan of the Plan Solo Ad.
    • Credits : This displays the credit allotted to the Plan Solo Ad.
    • Paid Amount : This displays the amount paid to purchase the Plan Solo Ad.
    • Discount : This displays the discount offered to member while purchasing Plan Solo Ad.
    • Action : The Plan Solo Ad will be deleted when you click on delete option.

Note : You can specify the number of result in your search result by selecting it on the bottom of the page.

View Credits

This page displays the Solo Ad Credits used by a member. Admins can also assign new credits to members from here. The following details will be displayed on this page :

    • M. Id : This is the member id of the member.
    • Username : This is the username of the member.
    • Solo Ad Credits : These are the number of solo ad credits used by the member.
    • Assign New Credits : Admin can assign new solo ad credits to member from here. Just enter the number of credits you wish to assign to the member and then click on Update.
Solo Ad Plans

You can add and view text ad plans from here. Click on Add New to add a new text ad plan and then enter the following fields :

    • Status : If set to 'Active', the plan will be displayed on member side when purchasing Solo Ad Plans.
    • Hide Plan? : Set this to 'No' if you do not want members to see this plan on Solo Ad Plan purchase page. This option is useful when you want to allow only Selected Members to purchase this plan or award this with plan(s) position, memberships or signup. Just provide the Direct Link to your selected members to allow them to purchase this plan. The link can be found at the end of plan edit page once you have created one.
    • Allow Coupons on Purchase : Choose whether you want to allow coupons while members are purchasing solo ad plans.
    • Plan Name :* Enter the name of the solo ad plan here. The name will be displayed on the member side when purchasing solo ad plans.
    • Price ($) :* Specify the amount that member needs to pay for purchasing this solo ad plan.
    • Credits :* Specify the number of credits you want to provide the members.
    • Revenue Share (%) :* Specify the Percentage (%) of income that should be shared if you want to share the income from this plan with the shareholders or set to '0'. The rest will be admin's profit.
    • Pay Commission For The First Purchase Only : Choose whether you want to provide referral commission for the referral's first solo ad plan purchase only. If No, referral commission will be provided for all the solo ad plan purchases by a referral.
    • Referral Commission (%) :* Specify the Referral Commission for each level here. Take a note that commission is calculated on Paid Amount. Set the value to 0 (zero) when you do not want provide referral commission.
    • Earnings Processor Preference
      • Purchase Processor : Member would get earnings in the processor they have purchased spots with.
      • Priority Processor : Member would get earnings in the processor that he/she has chosen as preferred processor in Member's area.
    • Payment Method :* Choose the Balance Type(s) that can be used to purchase this solo ad plan.
    • Allowed Payment Processors :* You can decide which processors can be used to purchase this solo ad plan. Only the processor(s) that you select here can be used by member while purchasing this solo ad plan.
    • Link : this is a Direct Link to purchase this plan. This is useful especially when you have hidden the plan using the 'Hide?' option.

Click on Submit to add the solo ad plan.