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URL Shortener is a very useful technique for members as they can make the length of a URL shorter and yet direct to the needed page. This feature is useful to hide the primary address and to track clicks. On this page, you will be able to see the members who shortened a URL in their member area (Member Tools => URL Shortener) including details Id, Member Id, Date, Title, Tiny URL, Clicked (Number of times it was clicked). You can search for the Tiny URLs using the various search parameters

Editing Tiny URL

You can edit the Tiny URL record by clicking on the Action button and clicking on Edit Record.

Pausing Tiny URL

You can pause the Tiny URL by clicking on Action and clicking on Pause URL. When you pause the Tiny URL, it won’t work, meaning when the Tiny URL is clicked, it won’t be redirected to the Target URL.

Disapproving Tiny URL

You can also disapprove the Tiny URL by clicking on action button and clicking on Disapprove Record.

Deleting Tiny URL

To delete the record, click on Action button and click on Delete Record.